San Diego Coalition to Protect our Common Home

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The Coalition is a diverse group of local faith based, environmental, labor, health, and social justice and other community organizations and individuals whose goal is to preserve our common home.

Participation in the coalition is open to all individuals and organizations who wish to join and support our efforts. We are a grassroots, local movement dedicated to affecting positive changes through collaboration. Join us!

What is climate justice?

“Climate justice  includes a focus on the root causes of climate change and making the systemic changes that are therefore required,a commitment to address the disproportionate burden of the climate crisis on the poor and marginalized, a demand for participatory democracy in changing these systems which require dismantling the fossil fuel corporate power structure, and a commitment to reparations and thus a fair distribution of the world’s wealth.” – Peaceful Uprising

“Living a good life in a good way can only happen by first recognizing that the root causes of the daily economic, environmental and social inequity that plague communities worldwide are also compromising the metabolism of Mother Earth; and that all real solutions must address both the economic and ecological crisis.” – Our Power Campaign: Communities United for a Just Transition

“I am convinced that climate change represents a historic opportunity on an even greater scale. As part of the project of getting our emissions down to the levels many scientists recommend, we once again have the chance to advance policies that dramatically improve lives, close the gap between rich and poor, create huge numbers of good jobs, and reinvigorate democracy from the ground up.” – Naomi Klein