Earth, our common home, is suffering because many of us are estranged from creation. We can no longer live as if we are separate isolated beings, ignoring our interdependence within the living system upon which we depend, to which we are responsible. All of the world’s religions and ethical systems recognize that we are part of creation – inextricably bound up with earth and one another. All of the world’s religions call us to care for creation.

The stakes are high and the future of the world’s children and the diversity of all life depends on whether we can muster the courage to act in ways that challenge economic and political business as usual. Even as more and more of us recognize the clear scientific evidence of this threat to the natural world, including other species and human beings, it is not enough just to talk about it. This is a moral call to love in action. Those of us who believe in the possibility of a beautiful, just and sustainable future, and value our interdependence, must seek to match our creeds with our deeds.

We also accept Pope Francis’s challenge to our “throwaway culture” and we have come to see that the climate crisis and our historic level of inequality are interrelated.

Saving what we can of our common home requires a movement that unites economic and environmental justice and offers both a strong moral case for bold environmental action and a future that doesn’t further deepen already historic levels of economic inequality where the interests of the affluent are protected while leaving the poor behind. This means abandoning market fundamentalism, awakening
our moral imagination and reimagining a more equitable future before the drift toward ever-more destructive outcomes becomes inevitable.

We the undersigned recognize the great threat facing our planet due to climate change and resource depletion. We also recognize this great opportunity to awaken within humanity the sensibilities that will allow us to live from our deep interconnectedness with earth and all beings. We call upon all of our brothers and sisters to do all they can on a personal, institutional, political, and economic level to challenge themselves and others to answer the call to build a sustainable future.
We commit to change our personal behavior and ask our affiliated institutions, national and international leaders to:

  • Limit greenhouse gases and drastically reduce our carbon footprint by all means, including divesting from fossil fuels, investing in clean energy sources and making sustainable, humane food choices;
  • Change our economic system from being solely profit driven to one that is more ethically sensitive to environmental protection and the equality of all nations and individuals;
  • Take concrete measures to lower over-production and over-consumption that is exhausting the non-replaceable natural resources;
  • Restrict and control chemical run-offs and pollution that contaminate our rivers, oceans, soil and air supply; and
  • Raise awareness that we are one world family, sharing the limited resources of our common home striving to live together with dignity and in peace.